DYAS pyroplex- Plywood with the low flammability

is an all-beech plywood made of many plies of rotary-cut beech veneers, glued together. All veneers are impregnated in special solution. This solution works as a fire retardant. Such a modified plywood features higher fire resistance compared to the standard, non-treated plywood boards.


Dyas Pyroplex

is a health harmless plywood complying with the E-1 Class of formaldehyde escape according to ČSN EN 717-1.


This special plywood is suitable for areas, where a big stress is given to the protection against fire and smoke. Ideal example of use is the inner facility of public buildings (airports, railway stations, gymnasiums, hotels, hospitals etc. Also use for inner facility of public vehicles (trams, trains and wagons, underground, buses) is an apposite example.


7, 9,5, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 27, 30, 32, 41, 44, 47, 50 mm
 (other thicknesses on customers' request)


Beech throughout - all veneers are beech


Class of gluing 2 (A 100) - ČSN EN 314-2 - can be used in protected exterior areas according to ČSN EN 636-2


1 250 x 2 200 mm
1 250 x 2 500 mm
(cross grain orientation - a grain run is parallel to the short side of the board)

Classification according to EN 13501-1: 2003:

Fire behaviour: "B"
Smoke production: s1
Flaming droplets: d0

Classification according to EN 45545-2:2013:

The tested product meets requirements of R1 for safety level HL1 and HL2.




is ordinarily sanded with grain 60, which is a basic sanding along with calibration. The surface may be slightly discoloured due to the fire retardant content


6% to 12% (at the time of delivery)


Thickness Number of plies Approximate volume weight Approximate thickness tolerance Bending strength
(surface veneer grain orientation)
(kg/m3) (mm) lengthwise crosswise
7 5x 880 +0.5/-0.5 60,0 N/mm2 50,0 N/mm2
9 7x
10 7x
13 9x
16 11x 840 + 0.8/-0.8
19 13x
22 15x
25 17x + 1.0/-1.2
27 19x
30 21x
32 23x




47 33x
50 35x

Product Sheet:

Declaration of Performance:


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