DYAS frame - Frame laths for beds

The initial semiproduct for frame laths is a layered pressed wood made of beech veneers with are 1,5mm thick. Unlike plywood, nearly all veneers háve the same grain flow. By this, a high bending strenth is achieved in the grain direction. After being processed, plywood boards are cutted into frame laths of requested dimensions. Laths are used for the production of bed frames.

DYAS Frame

is a health harmless wood product complying with the A (E1) Class of formaldehyde escape according to ČSN EN 1084 norm - by the method of gas analysis.


Dyas Frame is a semiproduct for bed frames production.


20, 25, 30, 35, 40 mm
(otherthicknesseson customers' request)


from 100 up to 1800 mm


from 300 up to 2500 mm

The surface of the laths can be:

  • raw
  • impregnated
  • wrapped in film
  • with chamferred or rounded edges


Class of gluing 1 (IF 20) - ČSN EN 314-2 - can be used in interior applications according to ČSN EN 636


PN 10 - DY / 99 - Frame laths


is ordinarily sanded with grain 60, which is a basic sanding along with calibration


6% to 12% (at the time of delivery)


Thickness Number of plies Approximate volume weight Thickness tolerance Bendingstrenght
(surface veneer grain orientation)
(kg/m3) (mm) lengthwise crosswise
18 13x 770 +0,5/-0,5 80,0 N/mm2
test kolmo na hranu
není definováno
19 13x
20 14x/15x +0,5/-0,7
21 15x +0,7/-0,7
22 I6x +1.0/-0.7
25 I8x 780 +1,0/-1,0
30 22x/23x
40 30x/31x 790

Product Sheet:

Declaration of perfomance:


Certificate CARB II for gluing class 1:

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