Storage and freight

We will provide you with advice regarding transport and preservation of our products.

The inevitable properties of plywood materials include shrinkage, width or length swelling and winding, which are due to the nature of wood material. Some defects may be avoided by careful processing, yet many of such discrepancies are due to ill storage or improper processing practices as not all the consumers may be aware of plywood characteristics.

Incorrect handling in storage and further processing result in twisting and winding.

Plywood materials may not be stored in open-space areas, not even under open sheds (except for the foil lined pieces). These materials shall be stored in dry, closed and dust free premises without any significant deviations in temperature or relative humidity.

Besides the above conditions, these materials may not be stored in the close vicinity of heating units (space heaters, etc.).

It is recommended not to set these sheets on the edge or to lean them against walls (see Fig. A). These materials must always be stored is stacks laid horizontally on dry and level bearers. These bearers shall be identical in thickness and laid in order to prevent any creeping (see Fig. B,C). It is not recommended to process any plywood materials immediately after delivery. These should be rather kept at the workshop for a certain period to attain the humidity level of processing environment.

Plywood materials can be transported by train or road haulage, whereas the load shall be fixed properly and secured (e.g. with tarpaulin) to ensure protection from direct effect of weather conditions.

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